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Common sense would tell you that if you follow that commands you not to worship the sun, moon and stars that Jesus would not be the sun. That is what happens when people don't know their Bible and movies like Zeitgeit a film made by Freemasonry sun worshippers twist your perspective of reality. The other world religions worship cosmology under the guise of personified human names Just go Google some of these supposed gods and notice they were all planets, stars and suns.

Christians have nothing to do with the worship of fallen angels masquerading as gods through idols of creation like stars and statues. That is what is happening here and it's nothing new under the sun which Isi why every religion but one worships the creation by different names.

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Amen, and Amen Jason!!!!!! Dam is Red Adam was in part named for his color dam which is red. He was created from adamah the Hebrew word for what the ground is made of. Anyone who has studied the subject knows the ground is mostly red clay. Adam was red, not black or white. Good try Reply. The scripture Lamentations does not at all clearly make reference to them having white skin.

If this were so then in Lamentations would be saying that the their skin was now black. Neither is true. This particular scripture was written poetically and must be read as a whole not just one verse being pulled out to make an inaccurate point. If anything is speaking on the effects of sin. As Matthew Henry said in his commentary "Persons who were eminent for dignity, nay, perhaps for sanctity, shared with others in the common calamity, v.

Nimrod How many years did Nimrod live? Ham, greater than his brothers Ham wasn't the lowest of the sons of Noah.

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  6. The slave-master put it that why to keep down African people. Some of the first and greatest civilization on Earth, Ethiopia, Egypt, the middle east kingdoms were black people. Civilization bring in Europe around B. What an interesting history of the father of faith Abraham! I believe all the stories of Chabad is trust worthy and originated from Hebrew long long ago through their fathers lips to sons, right?

    I'm appreciated with the information, out of the bible. God will judge all heathen who followeth Nimrod's filthiness, wish the Father of Light save them who consciously followeth Nimrod, and satan, through his endless mercy.

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    Jewish Calendar. Judaica Store. Knowledge Base. SMS Shabbat Times. Yahrtzeit Lookup. Popular Tools:. Shabbat Times. Email Subscriptions. More Sites Today is Wed. Jewish Practice. Nimrod 's Humble Heritage Nimrod the mighty hunter was one of the sons of Kush. The Rise of Abraham One night the star-gazers noticed , a new star rising in the East. Abraham Emerges For three years little Abraham remained in the cave, where he did not know day from night. By Nissan Mindel.

    Browse Book. Buy Book. Packed full of adventure and eye-opening insights, children can explore the wonders of G-d's creations in "In Nature's Wonderland," discover leaders of our people in "Gallery of our Great," and much more. Kehot Publication Society and Merkos Publications, the publishing divisions of the Lubavitch movement, have brought Torah education to nearly every Jewish community in the world, and are the world's largest publisher of Jewish literature.

    Visit Site. You may also be interested in The Life of Our Forefather Abraham.

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    Abraham, Our Father. Is There Evidence of Abraham's Revolution? Who Was Abraham? The First Patriarch in the Join the Discussion Sort By:. Newest Oldest. Post Anonymously. Email me when new comments are posted. Please send me Chabad. We will not share your email address. Posting Guidelines. Donald Andrews Oshawa June 23, Emmanuel Nigeria March 5, Anonymous Spain November 25, Ken Seward Columbia February 23, Anonymous Spain March 6, Leo Indonesia October 30, Rabbi Mendel Adelman November 12, Leo Indonesia November 25, Sarah October 22, Joe New York March 30, Ty August 19, Anonymous Efrat November 10, Dubb California February 27, Nkwocha Michael Tochukwu Enugu June 28, Angela Washington dc August 18, Ambros September 5, Anonymous DC December 12, Landrea texas February 15, William Palmer Archdale September 26, William Palmer Archdale October 4, Ken Fort Worth August 16, Cino Aurora July 15, Rochel Chein for chabad.

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    George buffalo July 18, Menachem Posner March 17, Tim Riverside February 19, John February 6, Jason December 24, THeodore nonya February 11, Scott Sayreville June 3, Mimi DC December 12, Praying for True Understanding May 27, Scott New Jersey May 25, Warren Morant bay. May 24, Taeyeong May 16, Show all comments. Load next Jewish History.

    Timeline of Jewish History. History of the Jewish People. Stories From the Bible. Biographies In Brief. A Brief Biblical History. Essays on Jewish History. Maimonides: The Rambam. Chassidic Personalities. Judges and Early Prophets. Kings and the Temple Era. The Mishnaic Age.

    The Talmudic Age. The Age of Scholarship. The Rishonim. Early Achronim. Later Achronim. Contemporary Heroes.

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    5. This Week in Jewish History. Audio Classes on Jewish History. It may also be used for the healing of illnesses of the lungs. It is believed to help detoxify the body and can be most useful in cleansing the pectoral region. Amethysts are valuable in treating the central nervous system as well as the brain. It is believed to loosen blocks in the mind where mental functioning has become confused and undirected, and frees the way to clearer thinking.

      They are also believed to help people who suffer from a faulty memory. Amethysts are recommended to those who deal with stress a lot, such as people with an excessive work ethic who are unable to enjoy relaxation. This quality is also believed useful when treating insomnia too. Amethysts also help those who are prone to depression and an overall melancholy feeling. Many also believe that amethysts are useful for those working to transcend chemical dependence. The stones may work as talismans to provide inner strength when battling dependency.

      Amethyst is believed to target the pituitary gland, which directs the endocrine system, the pineal gland, where altered states of consciousness and psychic skills are thought to be triggered, and the entire cerebral cortex in the brain. It is therefore felt to be a tonic for headaches, mental illness, anxiety, concussions, and depression. Amethysts are also used for natural healing. It is a stone steeped in ancient magic and is as popular today as it was two thousand years ago.

      If placed beneath a pillow or worn to bed, it supposedly drives off insomnia and nightmares. It also produces a peaceful sleep with pleasant, healing, and often prophetic dreams. It is a spiritual stone, with no negative side effects or associations with violence, anger or passion. It is a stone of peace.


      It calms fears, raises hopes, lifts the spirits, and promotes thoughts of the spiritual reality behind our lives. It wards off guilt and self deception, curbs overindulgence, and bestows good judgment. It calms emotional storms and in situations of potential danger, it will come to your aid.

      It also lends courage and is a powerful amulet for travelers. Worn, it protects against thieves, harm, sickness, and danger. Amethyst is cleansing, both physically and psychologically. It promotes internal balance and harmony and brings stability to the individual. Amethysts are capable of raising ones spirits, promoting self assurance and confidence. They brighten the outlook on life and enhance the sense of humor. The virtues of amethyst include beauty, calm, fulfillment, humility, a loving demeanor, perfection, piety, sincerity, spiritual balance, tranquility and wisdom.

      Amethyst is often worn during contemplation or placed on simple meditation altars. It is worn during psychic acts and since it is a stone of wisdom, it allows the information received through the psychic mind to be appropriately utilized. The stone also helps sharpen the conscious mind and enhances the mental powers. It is used to improve memory and keeps thoughts in line with life goals. It is a stone of pure, true, emotional love. It is often exchanged between two lovers to strengthen their commitment.

      It is also one of the few stones specifically prescribed for men to use for attracting women. The stone is also used by those involved in lawsuits to ensure that right is done. It has been long thought to bring success to businesses. Physical Properties and Science of Amethyst The typical color of an amethyst boasts the color of royalty, a rich violet-purple.

      It comes in all shades of purple, lilac and mauve. It is a variety of quartz , the most highly prized variety. The natural abundance and infinite variety of quartz have made it the most widely used of all gem minerals. It is often found in the form of six sided crystals. It occurs in many igneous and metamorphic rocks, particularly granite and gneiss.

      The physical properties of amethyst vary greatly from one location to another. Experts can tell where an amethyst is from just by looking at it. Amethysts from Veracruz, Eastern Mexico , tend to be very pale, while specimen from Guerrero, Southwest-Central Mexico, tends to be very brightly colored. The color of an amethyst is very unstable and can diminish with protracted exposure to sunlight. Pale stones may be set in a closed setting with a backing of foil to enhance the color. The purple color of the stone actually comes from iron impurities within.

      Deep rich purple colors are the most valuable kind. Caring for your Amethyst Jewelry Sunlight and exposure to heat causes the color of amethysts to deteriorate. Avoid any contact with chemicals such as household cleaners or hairspray. To clean, use a soft toothbrush or cloth and a solution of mild dish soap and warm water to gently scrub the stone. You may also clean it with an at-home ultrasonic unit. What's My Birthstone? White Topaz. Lab Alexandrite. Black Onyx.

      astrology history in urdu Astrology history in urdu
      astrology history in urdu Astrology history in urdu
      astrology history in urdu Astrology history in urdu
      astrology history in urdu Astrology history in urdu
      astrology history in urdu Astrology history in urdu

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