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Although we no longer connect these lunations to end days, astrologically speaking, eclipses are still a very big deal. Just as new moons are linked to beginnings and full moons are tied to culminations, eclipses serve as celestial checkpoints. An eclipse is a high-octane lunation that helps illuminate our karmic path, but just as these cosmic events can be visually striking, eclipses can be a bit dramatic. Astrologically speaking, eclipses speed up time: They open new doors by slamming others shut, so we often find abrupt and sudden shifts occurring during eclipses.

Though the shifts can be jarring, eclipses help us by speeding up the inevitable. While the results of eclipses can be shocking, remember that these lunations simply expedite the inevitable — these events were going to happen eventually. Remember that endings are hard, but everything is cyclical: A culmination always occurs on the edge of a beginning. Solar eclipses, which will occur in on July 2 and December 26 , correspond with new beginnings and unexpected opportunities.

However, since the sun which symbolizes our external experience is obscured by the moon representing our emotional inner-world during this lunation, solar eclipse events often first begin internally. They're a time to send cosmic invitations to the universe and to welcome abundance. Lunar eclipses, on the other hand, help us realize the external implications of these shifts. It is often during a lunar eclipse that we become aware of the influence of others. As the moon emits a mystifying umber tone, it allows us to be people under a different light.

This shift in perspective is critical, though you may not always like what you see. During lunar eclipses, we are encouraged to let go of whatever is no longer serving the soul.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Astrology

This is the time to release, purge, and say goodbye. In , our next lunar eclipse will occur on July 16—17 , when the moon in Capricorn aligns perfectly with the sun in Cancer at 24 degrees.

Visible planets

Remember, cosmic warriors, endings are hard, but everything is cyclical: A culmination always occurs on the edge of a beginning. OK, so what does this all actually mean? Interestingly, the Cancer-Capricorn eclipses will impact everyone differently based on their personal birth chart. Yet their power is mighty, their cycles complex, and their significance contested. Eclipses have always held great significance for heads of state, and many predicted the energy would either bring about his political downfall or solidify his power.

A solar eclipse creates a container that is most powerfully felt for the next 6 months, but can have reverberations for the next 19 years. This summer we have a trifecta of eclipses spanning July and August, and the first is a partial solar eclipse at the New Moon in Cancer on July This eclipse initiates a new cycle between Cancer-Capricorn, triggering dynamics between archetypes of the loving mother and stern father, that will continue to play out over the next three years.

Take time to appreciate yourself and those around you for the light and love they bring to your life. However, hold off on making any drastic decisions around interpersonal dynamics or health issues until this martial energy has been fully integrated. It does however give skill in battle, which is valuable, given that the eclipse is square a slowing Mars in Virgo. Warlike Mars is slowing because he is approaching a lengthy retro phase of his own, beginning mid-January in Virgo, the sign of the Military.

This star favours research, especially into secrets and hidden things. It is an adept and makes those affected patient and wary.

Sun enters Sagittarius

Rightly so too, as Mars is opposed to Chiron healing and inconjunct Jupiter power; government; leaders as well. Leaders of course are already falling like nine-pins, too many to list, though the rulers of Greece, Italy and Spain come immediately to mind, and there is already great unrest in Egypt and Syria, not to mention Yemen, Qatar and so on.

As stated earlier this year, the USA is undergoing its Saturn Return and so is suffering from regret and the consequences of decisions made long ago. The eclipse is conjunct the cusp of the US ascendant, the house of self-image, so we can expect a significant shakeup, especially in its leadership. Hidden factors will become evident and this is likely to see a number of presidential contenders drop out of the race. The eclipse is in the mid-heaven of President Obama, implying that his public image will be taking a beating and that he may even fall from grace, due probably to the actions of his partners, as Mars conflict; aggression is in his 7th house, square the eclipse and conjunct his natal Pluto obstruction, transformation, regeneration.

The people and situations he must deal with are intense and purposeful, who will urge him to be more forceful than usual. His interaction with others can cause him to become deeply jealous and vengeful, perhaps with truly perilous results; and thus, it would not be wise for the Pres to confront or provoke a hostile situation. His academic and inquiring mind would be better put to use conducting research and investigation, especially concerning the mysteries of the science and nature. However, in his Washington chart relocated because he is now based in Washington DC, as the leader of the Free World , his Sun is in the 12th house, suggesting that figures at work behind the scenes will be busy trying to turn him to their point of view.

President Obama, it's worth noting, is currently undergoing his Chiron Return , the cosmic signature of the beginning of the decade of the 50's, a massive change of life for any person so affected, especially the most powerful man on Earth. His progress will be delayed by frustrating obstacles, wrong information, paying too much or too little attention to details, and having too little time to accomplish his goals. Tardiness or mechanical failure can cause of frustration in his travel. He should have patience, because this is a difficult strand in his character which is aggravated by the position of Uranus sudden disruption; catastrophe.

Scandal and slander may plague him thanks to treacherous associates. He needs to be careful with travel, for it may bring loss and trouble. Contracts or agreements may not come to bear in time, leading to trouble and loss. Unwarranted egotism and mental pride are characteristic of this aspect but how else could he have gotten where he is..? The previous solar eclipse occurred in close conjunction with the late Moammar al-Gaddafi's natal Sun.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Astrology: Cosmic Change Agents

Colonel Gaddafi was the former president of Libya and as forecast he was defeated and killed before the end of Such is the power of the solar eclipse. The focus of the world's attention has now turned to the President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad. This Arab Spring has swept the Middle East like a tidal wave, or a desert storm, and a number of regimes have toppled before it, even including Egypt. The US and the West have generally been seen to support this movement "for democracy", but this has mainly been because the Western Leaders have been too dazed by the onrush of events and the fruiting of mass karma indicated by cosmic aspects to have done otherwise.

But then it's not unusual for them to turn on their erstwhile friends that's politics after all. Saddam Hussein comes to mind. Assad, like Saddam, is no fundamentalist Muslim theocrat, despite the propaganda. He is not even a proper Muslim! And, like Saddam, he is the leader of his country's Ba'ath Party, a sort of pan-Arab, socialist welfare-state party, not a theocratic Muslim fundamentalist party like that led by Ayatollah Khomeini, which swept away the Shah of Persia to institute a fundamentalist Muslim state called Iran, now led by President Ahmadinejad, who is a scary dude.

President Assad, who was trained in London as an eye-doctor, is an Alawi by religion. But isn't that just a branch of Islam? Yes and no. The Alawi religion is nominally Muslim, but has been condemned as inferior, heretical and even pagan by the orthodox Muslim establishment. It is a secretive creed that appears to have developed from a pre-islamic religion which now contains elements of Christianity, Sabeanism, even Gnostic teachings and ceremonies. It is said that it adopted an Islamic veil for protection when Syria and the rest of the Middle East fell to the victorious Muslim armies in the 7th Century, although its followers usually describe themselves as part of the Shia branch of Islam.

Nevertheless, since then Alawis have been treated as second-class citizens, persecuted and anathematized by the Sunni Muslim majority. How then did a member of a despised and persecuted minority get to be the leader of one of the most powerful and historic lands of the Middle East? Well, during negotiations for Syrian independence from France at the end of WWII, the Alawis sought either a separate state or attachment to Lebanon, as they feared repression by the Sunni majority in Syria. They were however included in Syria when independence was granted in Alawis, seeking power and protection, infiltrated the army and the security forces, which they eventually came to control.

In the s they also infiltrated the radical Ba'ath party and when it rose to power they were ready to take control of the Syrian State. While keeping up the appearance of Syrian nationalism and Sunni Islam as state religion, the elder Assad repressed the Muslim Brotherhood and all Sunni groups that threatened his position. At the same time he gave most positions of power in the security forces, the Ba'ath party and the government to Alawis. The Alawis, a minority group, now controlled the Syrian state. Sunnis reacted with civil unrest and by assassinating key Alawi leaders.

In the Muslim Brotherhood started a rebellion in Hama which was put down with thousands of casualties by forces commanded by Rif'at Assad, the president's brother. General Assad remained firmly in control and began grooming his son Basil as his successor; but in Basil was killed in an auto accident and Bashar was recalled to take his place as heir-apparent.

On the General's death in , Bashar was appointed leader of the Ba'ath Party and the Army, and elected president unopposed.

To cut what is becoming a long story short, the Arab Spring is now unfolding in Syria, although Bashar al-Assad is of the view that he will not fall partly because he is anti-US and anti-Israel and partly because he controls the military and security forces. And also like Saddam in Iraq his regime, although brutal at times, has greatly raised the living standards of ordinary Syrians of all shades and creeds.

Other Arab countries have condemned the crackdown in Syria partly no doubt because they don't like seeing Alawis in power , but Iran, which although Muslim is not an Arab state, still supports Syria. The US and Europe have also condemned Syria and have been sabre-rattling in the area.

Born in the turbulent mid's, Bashar is a Virgo the sign of analysis, intellect, healing—and the military , with his natal Sun exactly opposed to his natal Moon in sensitive, imaginative Pisces. Mars conflict; warfare is travelling now through Virgo, and in coming weeks will oppose his natal Saturn sorrow; karma; restriction and conjoin his natal Uranus disaster; catastrophe and Pluto destruction; transformation , then turn retrograde in conjunction with his natal Sun and in opposition to his natal Moon.

Astrology July 2-8 2019 Cancer New Moon Total Solar Eclipse

Not a good look for the leader of a military regime. The solar eclipse falls in conjunction with Bashar al-Assad's Dragon's Tail Moon's south node—loss; past-life commitment. Mars in the figure is conjunct his natal Mercury in Virgo and square his Dragon's Head and Tail the Moon's nodal axis of fate and karmic retribution. On top of that he is experiencing his counter-nodal return, when the transiting north node forms a conjunction with his natal south node and vice versa as the nodes are an axis and are always opposed to each other.

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This must be a very difficult situation for him, given that he was once a doctor, dedicated to saving lives, rather than oppressing and taking them. In , Bashar married a glamorous British-born investment banker, Asma Fawaz al-Akhras, the daughter of a London cardiologist her father Fawaz Akhras and a retired diplomat and philanthropist her mother Sahar Otri al-Akhras. She is a Sunni of Syrian stock and has pronounced views favouring the modernisation and indeed liberation of the Syrian people.

They have three children: Hafez, Zein and Karim. The centre of the ongoing Syrian rebellion is in Sunni areas, notably Homs where his wife's family originated. Saturn in the figure is conjunct his natal Venus, restricting his finances his funds have been frozen in the West and his emotional relationships his children have been taken by their mother to London for protection, though she is back in Syria.

The eclipse falls in his house of children, conjunct his south node, suggesting separation from or even loss of his children. This will mark great problems for him, possibly even overthrowing his regime, but at least creating turmoil in Syria, even more than there is now. As I write, Al-Qaeda insurgents have already crossed into Syria in an effort to bring down the government, and Sunnis are up in arms in many parts of the country. Reports indicate that most Syrians do not want another Iraq, or even an Egypt, but the cosmic pressure will not make it easy for them, any more than it has for anyone else in the fire zone.

Let's hope that Barack Obama is sensible enough to keep the US out of the conflict—not that they can afford another war, as they have already found in Libya. The US has too many problems of its own, and, frankly, Syria does not have enough oil to be worth fighting over. Solar eclipses don't often pass over populated areas. That's a good thing! However, when they do, they appear to have significant disruptive effects on the people and nations concerned e.

This one affects a very small population, though it may have some effect on southern Africa, Tasmania, and southern New Zealand. Whether this effect is an astrological one or not, is a moot point, though recent scientific work on the effects of the Moon on earthquakes and other terrestrial phenomena is interesting.

No doubt they would hasten to deny any astrological effect! See my article on Moon Wobbles. The eclipse being in Sagittarius means that people with Mutable signs Gemini; Virgo; Sagittarius; Pisces featured in their birthcharts are more likely to be affected. The next eclipse of the Sun will be in Gemini on May 20, , but the next total Solar Eclipse is not until Nov 13, The eclipse of the Moon, when the light of the Moon mysteriously darkens at the luminous height of a Full Moon, has traditionally been viewed as a bad omen.

total solar eclipse december 9 9 astrology Total solar eclipse december 9 9 astrology
total solar eclipse december 9 9 astrology Total solar eclipse december 9 9 astrology
total solar eclipse december 9 9 astrology Total solar eclipse december 9 9 astrology
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total solar eclipse december 9 9 astrology Total solar eclipse december 9 9 astrology
total solar eclipse december 9 9 astrology Total solar eclipse december 9 9 astrology
Total solar eclipse december 9 9 astrology

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