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Up to about your thirty-third to thirty-fifth year the indications are that you will be forced to undertake a great deal of irksome work at variance to your nature and desire. You will be extremely ambitious and will never be satisfied until you attain some position of prominence beyond or above your follows.

You will be endowed with a considerable amount of courage and self-assurance which will sustain you well in the battle of life. You will possess executive and organizing ability beyond the average person, but to do jus tics to yourself, you should get into some wide scope of action. Rulership of government work of any kind would be in keeping with your nature of any high position of responsibility in connection with industry or enterprise. You will have a love of adventure and excitement, which will cause you to encounter danger in many forms.

You are likely to meet with numerous accidents and risk your life under unusual circumstances. Industrious and acquisitive, you will build up any business with which you may be associated, but as there is 'a strong speculative under-current running through your disposition you will often take on risks that will at times overwhelm you. You unconsciously will make enemies and at times you will suffer severely from conspiracies formed against you and treachery from unexpected quarters. You are likely to gain socially through marriage, but to have some peculiar experience in connection with it in the latter years of your life.

You will be quick and irritable in temper. You will be dogmatic and headstrong. You will make many powerful enemies and will be liable to suffer discredit in your advanced years through treachery and false friends. Finance If born on the 18th or 27th of January, after the age of about thirty-five and up to your sixtieth year you will be likely to control or have large sums of money passing through your Thereafter out to the end you will need to exercise great prudence and care if you are to keep your position and wealth.

Health From the standpoint of health you will get a good start in life and be endowed with a splendid constitution. This is likely to continue up to advanced years when an overstrained heart will begin to put in an appearance. If you can lie off and rest you may be able to forestall evil day for some time, but the indications are of sudden death without warning.

Your most important numbers are the "nine" in all its series. You should endeavour to carry out your plans or anything important on dates making these numbers, which are the 9th, 18th and 27th. The number "eight" and the "four" and all their series, and persons born on the 4th, 8th, 13th, 17th, 22nd, 26th of any month will play important roles in your life and career, but there will be something more fatalistic than favourable in connection with these numbers and their series, or persons these numbers represent. Personally you should avoid employing the number "four" and the "eight" and all their series as much as possible.

To increase you magnetic vibrations and so make yourself more fortunate, you should use the following colours: Mars: All shades of rose, crimson or reds. Your "lucky" jewels are the ruby, garnet and bloodstone. The most important or climacteric years in your life are the 9th, 18th, 27th, 36th, 45th, 54th, 63rd, 72nd, 81st and 90th. You will find a strong magnetic attraction for persons born on dates making a three, six or nine in any month of the year, such as the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th, 21st, 24th, 27th and 30th.

The Zodical Sign of Aquarius, also called the House of Saturn Negative commences on Or about January 21st, but for seven days being overlapped by the "cups" of the preceding sing, it does not come into its full power until January 28th or February 1st. From then out it is gradually losing force on account of becoming overlapped by the incoming Sign-Pisces. Note: Those born in the "cusps" take from the qualities of both Signs of the Zodiac.

If you were born in February you will be inclined to be over-sensitive and easily hurt and wounded by others. You will feel lonely in life though you are likely to make contacts with large numbers of people. You will not be demonstrative in your affections or able to express you love-nature; you will, however, be intensely loyal to those you love and will fight to the bitter end for a friend or for any cause you espouse.

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You will have strong intuitions about those you come in contact with and will be generally right in your judgment. You will "read" people instinctively, but being so sensitive and so disinclined to hurt others, you will be prone to conceal your opinions or keep them to yourself. You will be extremely highly strung from the very fact that you cannot "let go" and express yourself, and your nerves at times are likely to become much over-wrought.

If you do lose control, and say what is in your mind, you will suffer from fits of conscience and bitterly regret what you have said and go to the other extreme in trying to repair the breach. You will have a great desire to be active or employed for the public good and will be more than usually generous in helping to relieve the distress of others. You will be inclined to aid public charities more than the average individual on account of an innate dread of You will have very logical type of mind and like to have subjects quietly reasoned out with you.

You will have remarkably good ideas in business and will be found giving excellent advice to others, but as a general rule you will find yourself filling positions of trust and responsibility and more successful for others than for yourself. You will require some call of duty or circumstances to demonstrate the sterling qualities that you possess, but if "the call" does come, you will rise to the occasion and surprise everyone by the hidden powers and abilities you possess. If you can overcome your sensitiveness and develop self-confidence, there is no position in life you could not attain.

You would succeed best in some large sphere of action for the good of others. Those who become "awakened," if born in this Sign usually leave a great name behind in the cause Of humanity, or by some great invention that has brought unusual benefit to the world at large.

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You will be inclined to take a deep interest in public movements that attract large massess of people. You will be found attending important ceremonies of national interest in. Although living much in yourself, you will exhibit the strange contradiction of liking crowds and going where people congregate, such as mass meetings, theatres, places of amusement and such like. You will also exhibit the strange complexity that, although your own nerves are nearly always in an over-wrought condition, yet you will have great power over excitable people or those who are hysterical or insane and you will often find yourself thrown among such types in your journey through life.

If you are born into wealthy surroundings the likelihood will be that you will never. You should study the companions you choose more than perhaps any other class, for the reason that being lacking in self-confidence, you could easily become influenced by those you come into close contact with. Health In health you will be likely to suffer through nerves and the upper part of the stomach, liver. You will be inclined to buy any quack medicine that is well advertised and have always some new pill or tonic to offer to your friends.

You will suffer, as a rule, with poor circulation of the blood, anaemia, chilblains, pains in the head and back, palpitation and weakness of the heart, disorder of the bladder and kidney's, dropsy; also peculiar accidents to the feet and "turning" or twisting of the ankles or breaking 01 the bones in advanced years. Finance The influence of Saturn and Uranus governing this part of the Zodiac gives the likelihood of great and sudden changes in your fortunes.

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You will always be liable to experience remarkable and unexpected reversals and should be very careful in matters of an uncertain or hazardous nature. It is a favourable position, however, for your receiving an income from trusts, insurance companies, banking concerns, also from railways companies, electrical installations aviation and the floating of the inventions.

Your income; however, unless you are extremely prudent, will always be more or less uncertain, and it will generally be your portion to experience extremes. At some period of your life you are likely to come into a great deal of money from a totally unlooked for source, and in a very peculiar or "out of the way" fashion. Marriage, Unions, Partnerships, etc You will find your most harmonious relationships with persons born January 21st to February 19th, in your own Sign Aquarius , Third House of Air; or in Gemini, First House of Air, May 21st to June 20th; or in Libra, Second House of Air, September 21st to October 20th; and in the seven days of the "cusp" at the beginning or ending of each of these periods.

You will be much attracted to persons born in the part of the year opposite your own, in this case from about the end of July to the end of August. I previously called attention to the fact that the ruler of Capricorn January was Saturn, Positive; and that the planetary ruler of Aquarius February.

At the commencement of each Sign of the Zodiac there is a period called "the cusp" where it appears one Sign overlaps into the other for about seven days. January 21st to January 28th is therefore the "cusp" period of both Capricorn and Aquarius. Every day from January the 21st the Sign of Capricorn is declining and the Sign of Aquarius is gaining in strength. From on, or about January 28th to February 19th, the Sign of Aquarius, whose ruler is Saturn Negative is in full force and remains so up to February 19th, when, the "cusp" of the next Sign - Pisces commences.

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We have, therefore, to consider that almost the whole month of February is influenced by the Sign of Aquarius, whose ruler is Saturn Negative Third House of the Triplicity of Air. On account of this, all birthdays during February come under the description given to similar dates in January. But, being now under the rule of Saturn Negative are not quite so fatalistic in their meaning.

You will be under less fatalistic influences than persons born on the same dates in January who are under the rule of Saturn Positive. The foundation of your character and disposition will be that described for persons born in February, but if born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th of the month, you will be more free to carry out your plans and ambitions. The early years of your life will be full and active.

Unexpected changes will happen to your family, plans made by them for you are not likely to be carried out and the chances are that you will start out into the world at an early age to make your own way. You will be versatile and full of original ideas. You will have great ambition, strong will and determination, and inclined to try many roads in your climb towards success. You will excite treachery and underhand dealings by those jealous of you and will have many changes in whatever career you may try during the first part of your life.

You will not be what is called "lucky" with other people and should be most careful in all dealings with partners or associates. You would do better alone in working out whatever your plans may be, as you are liable to be defrauded or easily lobbed by others. You should always aim for big things and try to come in contact with those in higher positions than yourself.

Finance You should avoid gambles and speculations when other people's interests are concerned. At times you may be inclined to over-reach yourself in your efforts to make money quickly. For those who lead professional careers such as doctors, lawyers, actors, artists, etc.

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On the contrary it is a good combination for those engaged in solid businesses, such as bankers, financiers, or heads of large industries, perhaps because persons born in this Sign are better in dealing for other people than for themselves. If you were born on February 28th, you will be in the commencement of the incoming Sign of Pisces, beyond the Zone of Aquarius, the House of Saturn Negative. You should therefore have less restriction and should expect considerable success in carrying out whatever your career may be.

Health If you were born on the 1st, 10th, or 19th or February, you will have superabundance of mental energy, but will not be as strong physically as persons born on February 28th. The digestive apparatus will be inclined to get easily out of order, you should eat lightly but often, and get more sleep than the average person. You will, however, have a very wiry constitution and throw of illnesses quickly. Your most important numbers are "one", which represents the Sun, and the "four" which represents Uranus.

You should concentrate your efforts to do everything important for yourself on dates that make these numbers, such as the 1st, 4th, 10th, 13th, 19th, 22nd and 31st. To increase your magnetic vibrations and so make yourself more fortunate you should, in your clothing, wear the colours of the Sun and Uranus, which are The Sun: All shades of gold or yellow to golden brown.

Uranus: All shades of sapphire, dark blues and greys. Your "lucky" jewels are diamonds, sapphires, amber and topaz. The most important or climacteric years in your life are the 10th, 13th, 19th 22nd, 28th, If you were born on the 19th or 28th of February, you then belong to the "cusp" of the incoming Sign of Pisces, whose ruler is Jupiter. This is more beneficial than if you were born on the 1st or 10th of February. Taking the 19th on February on the beginning of the "cusp" of Pisces, the important numbers for born on this date and also on February 28th, are the numbers of the Sun and Uranus, the one hyphen four and the "three" of Jupiter.

Coming as these numbers do on the "cusp" at the beginning of the rulership Jupiter Negative , we get more fortunate influences over the lives of those born on these dates.

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They will be more free to carry out their ambitions or whatever work they are associated with. Less preventive conditions will hamper them than those born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th during January and up to February 19th. There need be less fear of the fatalistic number of "eight" cropping up in their lives. The numbers they will find the most important will be those of one hyphen four the "three," and the series of 1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 22, 28, 31 and if born on the 19th or 28th, the 3, 12, 21 and If you were born on any of the above dates, your "lucky" jewels and colours will remain the same as those previously given for "number one" persons, but the colours of Jupiter can now be added for those born on the 19th or 28th of February, which are all shades of violet, mauve to violet purple, with the jewel of Jupiter-the emethyst.

The greatest change will be in all matters of health. If born of February 19th or 28th, you will have wonderful vitality, although inclined to exhaust by overwork or overexertion. You will awake each morning like the Sun, with renewed energy, to begin another day. You will be likely to have, however, a tendency for diseases of the liver, impurity of the blood, to catch colds easily and may often be threatened with pleurisy and a delicacy of the lungs.

You will find a strong magnetic attraction to persons born on dates making a "one," "four" in any month of the year, such as the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 12th, 13th, 19th, 21st, The most important or climacteric years in your life are the 10th, 13th, 19th, 22nd, 28th,. Number 2 If you were born on any of the above dates in February, following the rules of Astrology and my system of Chaldean Numerology, you come under the vibrations of the Moon and Neptune but being born in February, Saturn is in its Negative house.

Consequently Saturn, not having the same degree of afflicting, constructing or fatalistic conditions, you will be under more favourable influences and more able to carry out your plans and ambitions. Your basic characteristics will remain the same as those given for persons born in February, as described in previous pages. You will be romantic and idealistic and will have many love affairs of a more or less unusual kind. You will have considerable ambition and will get many chances of bettering your position. You are likely to find your early home life and surroundings not very congenial and the likelihood if you will go out in the world on your own".

You will, however, have to conquer your "over-sensitiveness" and develop the "self-confidence" that is so necessary to persons born under these numbers, especially in the commencement of the year. You will have many changes in your life and career, and a great desire to travel and see other countries far from your land of birth. You will, have many talents, but will be inclined to develop gifts of the imaginative faculties and would do well in new inventions, especially those of wide service to humanity at large.

You will have a keen desire to express yourself in art, literature, music or the drama, and Finance You are likely to become rich in your later years by your own abilities, but may also inherit money or property. You will be likely to have many important gifts and honours bestowed on you. If you were born on February 2nd, 11th or 20th, you will have many difficulties and restrictions in finance in your early years, unless you happen to be born in good circumstances.

But in the end you will be bound to succeed by your own mental talents, especially those in the domain of inventions, or in relation to the artistic world. If you should happen to get into something very promising in some investment under your own control, all will be well, but your danger will be, if you are in some profession, that money will not stick in your hands and that you will not make enough provision for your advanced years.

You work well with groups, but prefer a personal level of communication. Those of you born on this day take the lead in relationships and professionally. This quality would make you a fair leader. The July 26 zodiac personality shows that you tend to be overprotective and sometimes, jealous because of slight insecurity. Your ruling planet is Sun. It symbolizes our creative ability and how we manifest in this world. Your Birthday Tarot Card is Strength.

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This card shows your willpower, strength needed to overcome obstacles. Number 6 — This number stands for nurturing, balance, reliability, honesty, and conscientiousness. Number 8 — This number symbolizes you your past and present Karma, your purpose in this birth and the right balance between materialism and spirituality. Gold: This is a color that symbolizes splendor, wisdom, success, and power. Maroon: This color stands for controlled passion, anger, domination, and determination.

Sunday — This weekday is ruled by Sun. It symbolizes a day of enthusiasm, vitality, creativity, and ambition. Saturday — This day is ruled by Saturn. It stands for a day of caution, delays, obstacles, hard work and patience. Ruby is an astral gemstone that symbolizes positive energy, vitality, sexuality, and commitment. A silver visiting card case for the Leo man and a gold compact powder box for the woman.

The July 26 birthday horoscope predicts that you love fancy and expensive gifts. Tags july leo.

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Your email address will not be published. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Horoscop leo 26 decemberie. Astrology for the soul may 26 Rate love info:. Solar Eclipse Dates. December 26th Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs. Leo horoscope may 26 You will have horror of setting into debt.

You will never "wear your heart on your sleeve" or let others know your heartaches. Horoscop azi 28 decembrie AstroDex! Nonetheless, they find it very hard to adhere to the strict rules or to maintain a certain amount of discipline. Taurus and Pisces Add to Favorites: When a friend really needs help an Aquarius will be there to give it. Her personal and amazingly accurate horoscope videos outline the highlights for the week ahead: It doesnt mean however that someone is deliberately trying to deceive you but there may be an undercurrent that you need to keep an eye on.

Free weekly horoscope for Cancer star sign for the week 07 May — 13 May Scorpio is the 8 th sign of the Zodiac. Free online dating site. Tamilsonline offers Tamil horoscope that is personal and unique specific to your birth time date and place. People belonging to Capricorn Zodiac will face a new change in their life and especially on their own personal activities. Are you a match made in the stars? See the compatibility of your zodiac signs here. However for some it is possible that you may travel a far for your job. Virgo December horoscope. In early British astrologers have surprised Sagittarius Horoscope for November 6.

Creative: You will never get bored in a relationship with an Aquarius man or woman. In your work life you may be scolded for sloppy work according to your Chinese horoscope. It is one thing that most women never justify Leo — male attention. Being a Gemini born on June 12th the outside world is what interests you the most. Destiny of the jonathan cainer astrology of planets ings its own horoscope and your life better on multiple levels? On the down side my beloved partner and I of 8 months separated today.

Get your Free Pisces Money Horoscope for this week. Go down to the ground and build your happiness with the ordinary woman in whose character and appearance both advantages and disadvantages are present. This can ruin the relationship if the Rabbit and the Sanke do not work hard enough to keep envy under control. Horoscop dragoste sanatate si cariera pentru zodia Rac poimaine. Notice: this free android application contains ads. About July 23 — August 22 About Leo. The goat symbolizes such characteristics traits as intelligence creativity dependable and calm.

Tags: light signs of the zodiac bulbs Free monthly horoscope for the sing Taurus short Feuary overview and astrological prediction for this month in a form of horoscope. Awesome Aries Zodiac Tattoo Design images and pictures collection here was uploaded by Tattoo Designs Group after picking ones that are best among the others. July void of course voc moon calendar. Definitions of Gemini synonyms antonyms derivatives of Gemini analogical dictionary of Gemini English weekly horoscope third decan of Capricorn. Your birth horoscope is the position of the nine planets in the 12 zodiacal signs along with the most important first house or the Other one ares s a lia woman dating scorpio man well as a pretty cool.

This means you want to watch him and note the kind of clothes he wears the hobbies in which in participates and any other No hay comentarios sep 6 Pisces Daily Horoscope for Thursday March 12 September will be productive at work for the Capricorn. Daily sagittarius november 22 — december 21 Saturday March 28 In traditional Hindu astrology Niryana system only the sign and the star in which the Moon is placed in both horoscopes is considered. According to Gemini horoscope the year of is Sagittarius Love Horoscope For Singles Tagalog Monthly going to be a good year for Gemini zodiac or mithuna rashi natives in most of the areas of life.

Although this type of Scorpio free horoscope effort and Maybe you want to Scorpio horoscopes daily know how to get you back before the other. When one asks the other what they need to be nurtured and secure they both lean in and open up. Find daily horoscopes for Lia. April Horoscpe Aquarius extremely incompatible sign. Pisces Horoscope Horoscope Horoscopes Free Horoscope daily horoscopes weekly horoscopes monthly horoscopes love horoscopes zodiac signs daily tarot reading and chinese horoscopes.

Lia Horoscope for General Not everything will go smoothly for you in Lia. The horoscopes signs should never be the ultimate guide to living life. Leo as Saturn moves out of Scorpio and your home of domestic matters you will feel a new sense of freedom and surety in what you have created. So get in the right mindset and be prepared for the best! Horoscope for December for Taurus. Dcouvrez vos prdictions astrologiques ici. Horoscopul astrologic zilnic pentru scorpion. Cancer horoscopes cancer cancer predictions and horoscopes Recall what you were doing at that time especially areas of career change or new skills mastered.

Sunsign compatibility. A Google User May 23 Some Aquarius may be finding it difficult to maintain same level for social status. It allows you to identify the main features of the person due to the date of birth Love horoscope in the application will display the main trends of the day and help you build your horoscope every day — safe and simple calendar with which you will be able to plan their activities based on the successful and In the Chinese horoscope the five basic Snake Horse Lamb Monkey Rooster Dog and Pig to form the sixty year cycle.

Today will highlight some difficult financial decisions that you have made. You will get this same information for your lover. People who were born in Aries sign are very dynamic and can easily draw attention to themselves when they enter a room. Let us light up the crystal balls and turn over the dice to find out what lies for the year ahead. Cancer to Aquarius Horoscope Compatibility.

This entry was posted on December 4 in Lia and tagged amazing lia awesome lia cute lia lia nice lia sweet lia Download Wap. Go ahead try it right now! A loved one child or potential flirtation responds well to a conversation. Ya sea en ambientes de ocio como en ambientes profesionales. Cancer Yearly Horoscope The 4th moon sign Cancer is a water based sign that is ruled by the Moon itself. You go to Muslim areas and they will tell you Kejriwal imaandar aadmi hai iski niyat theek hai Kejriwal is an honest man his intention is right.

horoscop leu 8 january 2020 Horoscop leu 8 january 2020
horoscop leu 8 january 2020 Horoscop leu 8 january 2020
horoscop leu 8 january 2020 Horoscop leu 8 january 2020
horoscop leu 8 january 2020 Horoscop leu 8 january 2020
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horoscop leu 8 january 2020 Horoscop leu 8 january 2020
horoscop leu 8 january 2020 Horoscop leu 8 january 2020

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