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In January, focus all that accumulated goodwill on your relationships: both with yourself, and with those closest to you. This is a time to wipe the slate clean, which can mean forgiving and forgetting or saying goodbye to things and people that no longer serve your best interests. This is a month for taking risks and making changes.

Whatever feels right, the stars say go for it! The year is and the world on the cusp of industry. But what he seeks to find could very well change the world. You decorated your home and heart with the best of them last month, Leo. The stars are here to tell you those mistakes are in the past for a reason. Instead, put energy into something more productive. That could be recommitting to regular yoga, getting a head start on your Goodreads goal, or starting your journal with some of your most profound thoughts yet.

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After her friend Iris is possessed by a demon and imprisoned with other possessed girls, Milla must uncover dark secrets to save her. But she risks turning into a demon herself…. Hopefully, you worked it like a muscle, and have arrived in stronger and more patient than ever before.

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Because things are about to get hectic. This is a month for you to find your joy. In this crazy new month in a crazy new year, the stars are asking you to go all in and set things in motion with a skip in your step. So hop to it! Until she discovers that her by-the-book life began when she absorbed her twin sister in the womb. Is her heart her own?

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And if not, what is she willing to do to take it back? You pampered yourself in December, Libra, and boy what a good job you did. Buckle up for safety, my well-balanced friend. The stars suggest that the best thing you can do in the midst of all this tumult is to shrug it off and move forward anyway. Not feeling your friends right now?

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  7. Join a new club. Not loving your NaNo draft? Shelve it for a more inspiring idea. Bored with your blog? Revamp it. Wherever you have room to grow, grow!

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    October 23 — November In December, you realized the depth of your passions and the strength of your talents. You saw that the things you want are within reach if you have enough focus and determination and drive. In January, take that re-fortified confidence and start something new, Scorpio! Remember, you have the skill to make your dreams come true. Take advantage of that. Start the new year off with a new writing project, or up your Goodreads challenge to books for , or crush your family step competition by adding a little bit extra onto your January runs.

    Whatever your goals? November 22 — December The end of was all about focusing on your dreams and making them happen…or at least giving yourself a head start for January will be a month of challenges and resolutions, harmony and adventure, luck and skill. The stars urge you not to waste this energy! Invest it into yourself.

    Happy New Year, Sagittarius! And may it be a good one, too. Book pick: Circle of Shadows by Evelyn Skye. Romance tropes: You know them. We love them. Prepare yourself, book nerds, because your new favorite fantasy is almost here! Books Authors Posts. Sort by: Per page. Per page. Jan 01 by TeamEpicReads. Related Books.

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    So why deny yourself a good time? True, relationships take work—but the fun parts are equally important. This, combined with a solar eclipse on December 25, brings amazing opportunities to up your romance game. Just be careful not to squander the good vibes—when Venus in Aquarius squares Mars in Taurus on March 21, you may find yourself involved in an office squabble.

    How will you know where to draw the line, Virgo? By focusing on the things that really matter. And for you, that means something more than money or status: living a well-balanced life.

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    horoscope virgo 22 january Horoscope virgo 22 january
    horoscope virgo 22 january Horoscope virgo 22 january
    horoscope virgo 22 january Horoscope virgo 22 january
    horoscope virgo 22 january Horoscope virgo 22 january
    horoscope virgo 22 january Horoscope virgo 22 january

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