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A new Moon in Aquarius eases your dealings with colleagues and promotes your role as team leader and go-to fixer. Be accessible. Unless you're creeping back to a used-to-be lover, the backslide of Mars puts romance on a wait-and-see basis until March. Your valentine: not altogether available — in the closet, perhaps, or just reluctant. A new Moon conjunct Neptune highlights the power of self-promotion and the advantages of giving the public what it wants. Since the flipside of this combination is scandal, tread warily.

Collective enterprises remain much favoured for the rest of ; upstanding cooperative principles are preferred over mere mutual back scratching. Your valentine: on the team! A new Moon in your ninth house favours idealism and distant horizons including people from afar while Jupiter in your 10th for the rest of augurs lucky breaks at work… and lucky liberations from it.

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Your valentine: top girl or top banana. Today's new Moon concerns both the advantages of reshuffling your financial arrangements, and the hazards of dodgy money deals. Jupiter makes travel, perhaps surprisingly, a theme for — happy trails! Your valentine: a swot, a novel experience, or at a distance. With the red planet backsliding until March, you have to be somewhat selfless to get the best from significant others.

Thereafter, you can behave like a gallant romeo or a spoilt royal brat delete to taste. Today's new Moon suggests you make a new start, even among the confusion. Your valentine: out of sight. It's year to unshackle yourself from subservient relationships and welcome people sent to drag you from your comfort zone, be they teachers or suitors.

Today's lunation meanwhile helps you administrate the world into your preferred shape. Your valentine: choose between Fatal Attraction and Simply Divine. Go out and dazzle. The Saturn-Pluto duo under which you are toiling this year make hard work and family loyalties inescapable, but until July you are, relatively speaking, on holiday. Relish the fact that in future you're going to be way more independent.

Your valentine: flowers and flattery. It was revived by Alexander nearly two hundred years later. Alexander also found the descendants of the Branchids in the place the Persians had put them. He slaughtered every last one of them, for treachery to the cause of the Greeks. Back home, allegedly, the people of Miletus, who still remembered some ancient, but mysterious, injury at the hands of their former prophets, cheered him on. Hence when the oracle of Didyma was revived, there were no Branchids, just a self-less woman, Delphi-style, a water-surface and a hem dipped to disturb it.

In this later period, shrines of Asclepius, Serapis and Amphiaraus a legendary descendant of Blackfoot were the source of an enormous number of prescription oracles, sent at night in dreams to those who slept in their sanctuaries. Of course Asclepius is god of health, just as Apollo is god of plague and Mercury god of communications. For an Athenian, going to Delphi to ask Apollo how to cure plague was not all that different from visiting a mafia boss to ask how to cure violent intimidation. When King Minos lost his son Glaukos, he held a competition to discover who could best describe a strange cow of many colours, white, red and black.

By watching snakes, Polyidus goes on to divine a way to bring the boy back to life, teaches him his mantic art, and then, as he is leaving Crete, unteaches him by getting him to spit into his mouth. Hence you might go to find a cure for a stammer and get an order to leave home and move to Italy. Tisamenus thought the oracle about the five contests meant he was destined to win the pentathlon, trained for it and in fact very nearly did win it, but failed at the last hurdle. Immediately, the Spartans realised that the oracle was still unfulfilled and guessed that the victories Apollo promised were victories in war, not games.

They made Tisamenus a Spartan citizen, purloining for Sparta his five-fold fated good fortune. With the seer onside Sparta began to clock up successes. First of the five was the battle of Plataea, fought against the Persians in BC. But this little offstage nudging of the real subject of the pediment, the crash, this murmuring anticipation, this sense of immanence, of pre-momentousness, is typical of early classical art. It is used on the Parthenon frieze in the British Museum, for instance, where the seated gods look like an audience not watching, but getting ready to watch the event, adjusting their clothes, passing round the popcorn, chatting.

On the Olympian temple, which predates the Parthenon by about twenty years, the imminent is more prominent. For on either side of the competitors, two old seers crouch in the dust; one of them presses a worried fist to his mouth, the other, looking more confident, wears a holy yarmulke, like Ganymede. The trivial and the momentous, games and warring, myth and history, portent and eventuality, immediacy and due course, the past, the present and the future, the event and the knowledge of it, seeing victory and seizing victory, fuse dizzyingly in a single quiet synopsis.

This is a key point, the key to the strange logic of prophecy, for the story about the oracle unequivocally presents Tisamenus as owning the victories he is predicted to predict.

Delphi promises victories to Tisamenus the seer of victories and it is only by incorporating Tisamenus that the Spartans can take his victories. Other people who spoke to Herodotus, the source for the story, were equally insistent that their Iamid battlefield seer was directly responsible for their success in battle.


The seers produce victories. They have got it in them; they are victory-conductors, so to speak. Likewise, the Etruscan storm-seers do not just read lightning, keraunoskopia , they can produce it; they are lightning-conductors. And the Romans under Nero manufacture their own punning omens about his imminent demise in order to help to make it happen.

Signs are not merely indicative but responsible, productive — as signs, in practical fact, always potentially are.

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It is the difference between watching a race live when victory is still in the balance and watching a recording when victory is already decided, whether or not you know the result. Live oracles, constructing moments of truth, full of emergency and anxiety, with swift long-haired Kairos coming at you, have nothing to do with dead oracles, when bald Kairos has long since gone on his way, and the two types of oracle should not be confused. Neat, mirror-walled, internally refracting, plot-device oracles sealed off from the world can only be oracles of a world which no longer exists, or which never existed, quintessentially and necessarily oracles of fiction, oracles of fantasy, oracles of art, oracles of a comprehensively over and done with pagan past, ancient history, nothing to do with us any more.

Apollo had long since closed his account.

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Consultation at Delphi was so constructed as to produce texts with an unusual freshness and pertinence, i. These written-down oracles produced on no particular occasion or on an occasion long since forgotten could be dusted off by demagogues whenever there was a crisis or a decision of great moment. Delphi was demonstrably and deliberately different, an oracle of formal rigour, systematic method, transparency and accountability. The Greeks would have had no hesitation in grouping Samuel, Muhammad, Isaiah, Moses, Jesus even, alongside Blackfoot, Polyidus, Tisamenus, Cassandra, Branchus and Bakis, although they may then have had second thoughts.

Prophets sit in caves and receive messages from the god. They have dreams and visions and interpret them. They hear voices and voice them. Prophets such as Samuel, Elijah and Elisha seem to belong to groups or schools, like the Iamids.

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Some seem to have lain in the dust, like the seers of the pediment at Olympia. And I said, a basket of summer fruit. In a Christianised synagogue or an ex-pagan house in one of the poorer parts of Corinth, that little trickle of the divine which emerged on special occasions to special people at special locations, seemed suddenly to have become a great banks-bursting flood. Prophecy was a game anyone could play. Indeed, the Greek Bible was even used in the deserts of deepest Judaea by the community at Qumran — scraps of it were found among the Dead Sea Scrolls.

It is this translation which is the ultimate origin of that important rift between pagan oracles and the prophecies of the prophets of the People of the Book, and we can see these semantic discriminations continuing into the new era most clearly in Acts, which often describes wizard-war scenes that could have come from The Lord of the Rings. The authors of the Gospels and the Greek-speaking Jews who translated the books of the Old Testament try in their translations to distinguish their divinations, their seers, their oracles, at first glance so similar, from the pagan seers of the Greek dominant culture, by using a different vocabulary and carefully avoiding mantis words.

This insistence on directness, this elision of wizardry, this demantification of prophesying, is taken to its sublimest level in the extraordinary traditions of the Koran. During later transmissions witnesses described a strange humming noise and Muhammad limp and flushed and sweating. As soon as he came out of this state he would begin reciting verses of the Koran which his followers would immediately learn by heart. Muhammad only started prophesying when he was about forty. This is a revelation.

It means what he said could not have come from him. When he speaks as Allah he is merely repeating from memory what Gabriel had told him minutes earlier — the short delay is crucial; this is not a live transmission. Inasmuch as exchanges between men and gods are exchanges of gifts and favours, to which gods might respond positively, very positively or stingily, and later rather than sooner; inasmuch as gods cannot be bought, or booked, cult that is, offerings of sacrifice, precious objects, services, tragedies, comedies etc, at a particular time and place constructs gods as personalities.

Indeed the expense and the nature of the gifts — unyoked animals for unmarried goddesses, for example — help to colour in those personalities, their status and importance. Big god, big sacrifice: little god, little sacrifice. The attempt to concentrate the cult of Yahweh at the Temple in Jerusalem and of Allah at Mecca helps to ensure a single metaphysical personality, who is brimful of subjectivity and agency, i. Deracinated daemons without places of worship are produced by the monopoly of cult by the One Gods. Dispossessed, they have no alternative but to possess.

In that respect, inasmuch as her daemons are just passing through, from episode to episode and from series to series, there is nothing pagan about Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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In many respects it is an orthodox-ish Protestant programme. The daemons of the monotheisms are also essentially self-less, however. Above all, they have no long-term relationships, no contract, no covenant, no faith.

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They are metaphysical butterflies, essentially promiscuous. They are not localised receivers and bestowers of gifts with continuing personalities and some discretion, but rather slavish or whorish, amenable to bribes, able to be booked for specific tasks, obedient to the secret commands of witches, priests, Beelzeboul, Jesus the Anointed or God, rather like wayward employees of a big corporation who have momentarily forgotten who really pays their wages. It is a mistake to try to persuade them with gifts: you simply have to discover how to manipulate them, to report them to a higher authority, someone higher up the line of unitary command.

They can answer back but not for long:. And there was in their synagogue a man with an unclean spirit; and he cried out, saying, Let us alone; what have we to do with thee, thou Jesus of Nazareth? Art thou come to destroy us? I know thee who thou art, the Holy One of God. And Jesus rebuked him, saying, Hold thy Peace, and come out of him.

And when the unclean spirit had torn him, and cried with a loud voice, he came out of him.

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This mythology, this giant system of exchanges between personalities over time and in time, presents a quite different economy from the single integrated field of exchange of the monocults and monocreeds, with their great checkout tills waiting at the end of history. Although for the Greeks there was no rigid class system of God, angels and devils, not all metaphysical personalities are equal. In contrast to saints, the regular ones at any rate, these minor metaphysicals were autonomous in their fields of action, capable of mischief and bad moods, and needing regularly to be persuaded out of them.

Between the highest and the lowest was a well-developed sub-pinnacle, where the Greeks placed a pantheon, a large but not immense family selected from about twenty strongly characterised powerful and reasonably autonomous panhellenic theoi. Although they had many cult-sites and seemed to have different personalities in different places, these different metaphysical characters were identified as one locally manifesting deity, taking on a unitary role in the panhellenic mythology of the poets, who had to shoulder much of the burden of reconciling local divergences of personality.

They were all ruled by Zeus but with minds very definitely of their own, able to persuade, seduce, deceive each other and to be persuaded, seduced and deceived in turn. But the messages of Hermes and Iris are normally not for living mortals and prophets but for mortals of the distant past and especially for other metaphysicals, dotted as they were around the Greek world, a reflection therefore of a plurilocal, quintessentially polytheistic metaphysical universe, in which cosmic power is diffused. Greek oracles are the product of a very specific kind of geopolitical organisation.

Plurilocal gods reflect a world of plurilocal power: city of Athena, city of Hera, city of Artemis, of Poseidon, of Aphrodite. Small Greece was divided into numerous mostly tiny autonomous, acephalous, fiercely rivalrous polities; there were two separate states even on little Mykonos, and the island of Cefalonia found room for four.

That is another reason why there is a road to Delphi, and to Dodona, and Didyma.

neil spencer horoscopes Neil spencer horoscopes
neil spencer horoscopes Neil spencer horoscopes
neil spencer horoscopes Neil spencer horoscopes
neil spencer horoscopes Neil spencer horoscopes
neil spencer horoscopes Neil spencer horoscopes
neil spencer horoscopes Neil spencer horoscopes
neil spencer horoscopes Neil spencer horoscopes

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