Scorpio rising scorpio moon compatibility

Moon Sign Scorpio - The Moon in Scorpio

You just dive down to the bottom of the pool and hang until they have a weak moment — and we all eventually do. What stresses you is very little. Like a cockroach, your ability to survive anything is legendary and both the source of and result of your personal power. When you are pressured, stressed or frightened, you hide it. You despise weakness in yourself and yet you can be infinitely compassionate with others. Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon: Too lazy to get around to self destruct.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon: Eating your young? Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon: Urobouros; the snake eating its own tail. Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon: A trip up or a slip up. Click here for your free numerology reading. Skip to content. Previous Post Moon in Libra. Next Post Moon in Sagittarius. Ah, the most luxurious moon sign: Taurus moon wants to be seduced through the senses—think gourmet food, comfortable surroundings, and indulgent treats!

Pay close attention to detail, since that is the type of thoughtfulness that turns Taurus moon on. They also love nature, so maybe gift them a potted plant or take them to a hot spring.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Scorpio Compatibility

Begin wooing your Gemini moon crush before your date by texting them a lot! Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so they want to hear how you feel, what you think, and what you want to do! Surprise them with things like perfumed love letters and long-stemmed roses. Take your date somewhere you can sample things, like a brewery or tapas restaurant, so you can both get an array of tastes and talk about what you like and why.

Gemini moon will cherish all your insights! When Cancer moons let loose, they really go for it, so it might be nice to take them to a concert or out for a night of dancing. Cancer moons are very into emotional depth, so no matter where you take your date, be sure to tell them how you really feel—about the date, about them, and about life!

Cancer moon is a great listener, so you should do your best to reciprocate and ask them how they feel, too. Cancer is a nostalgic sign, so it would be wise to gift them something that holds sentimental value, like antique jewelry or anything you made with your own hands. Leo moons love a weekend getaway—the further away, the better! They pine for tropical sunsets and picturesque mountain tops! Another date idea would be to take them to an inspiring lecture or planning a museum trip to complement a night out on the town. A spa date would be a lovely idea. Libra moons absolutely love romance, but you can also veer on the unusual side when it comes to planning a date because they love surprises.

Sagittarius moons love silly things like cartoons and memes. Unlike Sag suns, they tend to seek out people who have similar interests as them and talk animatedly about those interests. Aquarius moons like to indulge in their specialness sometimes. They may feel disconnected to the way people are expected to behave and so they might question ordinary or harmless things. Capricorn moons are actually very funny and have a dry sense of humor. Pisces moons feel deeply connected to humanity and they can get sad from reading the news. They like to take long baths and they will often take off their shoes and go into the ocean when visiting.

After Libra, the Moon falls into Scorpio, a mysterious region covered in snow. Scorpio Moon individuals experience their emotions profoundly and secretly. Other people can hardly see how deep their feelings can be, for everything is covered in a thick and mesmerizing sheet of ice; the waters below are dark and rarely visible, but we can feel it twisting down under.

It is possible that, as children, those with a Scorpio Moon experienced some kind of emotional trauma in their home involving the family or themselves. Previously concealed waters come out under a dark moonlight. They experience many kinds of crises that seem to force themselves to change radically , and it should be important, in this cases, to accept the nature of their feelings and change accordingly and naturally.

This tells you about how your emotions will be perceived and how they come off. This tells about how people may view your mother too. Overall though this just mainly describes how you will come off when emotional or in times of crisis or stress. Mine is in Scorpio and anyone who knows me, knows that on top of my natal moon in Scorpio and this—my emotions are very intense and slightly scary.

This tells you about how you come off when communicating, may describe voice a little bit too. This tells you how your sexuality is perceived. How your feminine side is seen. Also describes another layer of physical beauty. Shows how you initially approach love and relationships. This tells how your anger will be perceived. This is how you approach confrontation. This tells you how you approach matters like, religion, culture, higher learning, etc.

When you first decide to expand your life and strive towards a better way of living, and happiness, this is kinda how you will come off. For example mine is in Scorpio, so I take matters like this very seriously and when I strive to make a better way of living, I do it by transforming and go about it very intensely and passionately. Also describes how life lessons might seem. This also shows how your struggles might come off. Mine is in Scorpio so my struggles are private and when I learn life lessons, I usually do so in a very intense and transformative way.

My life lessons are learned in a very intense and often painful way. This tells how your rebellious side will come off. This is your freedom fighter. If you have this is Scorpio, then when you strive to be different or unique, you go about it quite intensely and passionately. You may fight for rights in an extreme way. This tells you how you come off when engaged in the arts, music, or any form of expression. This shows how you approach the idea of God, spirituality, drugs even.

If yours is in Aquarius, you may have radical views about God and may be very open to forms of escapism. This tells us how you approach matters of life, death, sex even, transforming etc. I calm this the ultimate ascendant because that basically what it is lol. Although this is a more subtle version of your natal ascendant.

This depicts how you come off to people when you initially make contact, how you initially approach life and also some of your physical features. I am way more reserved than the typical natal Aries rising! This is how you come off to the public and also in your line of work. This is the version of you that your coworkers will initially see.

This shows how you approach matters involving status and reputation, also shows how you view your career. Mine is in Scorpio and you get the idea. This tells you how you approach relationships, not always romantic, it could be business, platonic, or any other rule of relationship.

2. List Sun, Moon, and Planets for Each

This mainly shows how you come off while in relationships—again not always romantic. Mine is in Scorpio and ALL my relationships are intense and way more dramatic than they need to be lollll. Every sign has the potential for greatness or weakness. Depending on where we are on our journey, we move between low and high functioning. High: Profound healers, determined, merciful, courageous, and powerfully intuitive. A high-functioning Scorpio may achieve recognized greatness and heroism. They may lead massive, transformative revolutions through their silent wisdom and heroic intuition.

They master themselves through surrendering themselves to a higher authority, whether it be to omnipotence or the universe, and are in turn blessed with a supreme vision that can have a global impact and heal nations. They are self-assured and self-confident and have a passionate internal drive. They are loyal, loving, and intimate with their partners, creating a bond that surpasses temporal restraints. Their sensual energy can be channeled into creativity to manifest glorious works of art, both physical and symbolic. Their deep understanding of the human psyche, mind, and emotion makes them empathetic.

Their relationships are treasured and nurtured. Their root chakra is robust and functioning and they are able to trust themselves, release resentments, and most importantly, forgive. Moderate: They are honorable people and very protective of the people they love. They will fiercely protect and take care of those that are important to them. They are natural empaths. They have a heightened connection to emotions, making them vulnerable to their environments. They are able to provide healings to people just by being in their presence. They make loyal friends and often have a very individualized, quirky personality.

They want others to respect them and they seek to dominate their environment. They believe their word is law since they have a deeper inquisitive and intuitive ability than most. Low: There is an extreme resistance to trusting or letting things go. A cycle of rejection, resentment, revenge hardens their heart and can lead to intentional manipulation of others. They become egotistical, refusing to admit or accept others and their perspectives.

They feel things so deeply that it completely suffocates them. They become controlling of others because of the lack of control they have over their emotions.

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Immorality, especially sexual, and potentially violent may develop. Delusional ideas may develop and may crown themselves omnipotent. They numb their emotions and may become destructive and develop sociopathic tendencies. Antisocial personality disorders may occur. At the absolute lowest vibration, murderous thoughts may occur. Capricorn moons are in detriment because the feelings are too restricted and repressed while Scorpio moons are in fall because the feelings are too intense and overwhelming. Scorpio moons are too much and Capricorn moons are too little in a sense.

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Moon in Scorpio are constantly seeking emotional intensity because it fuels the fire in their heart. The more intense, the better, and they can develop a blindness for any feelings that are less than what they are looking for. They have an ability to see right through people and their innermost feelings, in fact, they can be so in tuned with it that they can easily disturb those who are not used to being able to be penetrated with such ease. You can see through people, right into their deepest feelings.

You have crazy strong defence mechanisms, and this comes in handy for your strong drive to succeed. You can be a little intimidating. You have powerful emotions. The loving Scorpio displays a self-sabotaging trend. Scorpio often tests the affection of others and subtly prompts distance out of fear of closeness by means of severe instigation and suspicious accusation that exhausts their loved ones. This tormenting cycle tires and maddens everyone, including themselves, but they persist as they are aggressively searching for the person who will stand tall and answer their critical questions with undisguised honesty, the person who will force themselves closer with sincere, intense love.

Too pleasing. Too balanced. The level scales struggle with the severity of feeling. Guard yourself. Extract your feelings and put them on the table. But tenderly. A magic sorcerer. Let yourself into the light. Ideals and fire are beautiful things. But reach down and grab a handful of earth, a sip of water, and throw yourself off a cliff. You are warm and optimistic, feel yourself close and not always far. Too tough. Too guarded. Too strong. Too afraid. But so, so soft on the inside. And this is my lesson to you: let softness reveal its strength to you, and vulnerability be your tender hand to hold when the feelings you bottle inside become too much to handle on your own.

Speak up intimately. Shout and scream to your loved ones. You deserve it. Some call you my opposite, and yet we are so close. You crave community and acceptance but are confused by the warmth that requires. You feel so different, so unique, so foreign, your emotions are hard to understand. But I know you and I feel you. You are the true empath. So the hurt is evaded. These are my words to you : help the hurting, heal the oppressed, but strike down the evil energy and do not let yourself be walked on, for you are the feet of emotion, the bottom of the sea rising to the surface to break the act and bring us all as one into your compassionate dream.

A dream that is a lost reality. Stand your ground.

Absorb the good and heal yourself. Just live more intensely. Love more powerfully. It can cripple you. Cancer moon : This is a very natural position for the moon to be in. However they can be very private with their emotions, only keeping their true emotions within their close circle. Only ever revealing their true emotions when they trust someone immensely or is under stress. Gemini moon : Ruled by Mercury, this air moon tend to think and dissect their emotions instead of feeling them.

Scorpio Moon Sign Compatibility

They can repress feelings and can lead to a flood of emotions coming out eventually, triggered by the most minute things. Virgo moon : Another Mercury ruled moon sign. They can pick at their emotions, dissecting it apart instead of outright feeling it. Libra moon : Libra is the scale, this moon sign wants balance.


Capricorn moon : Ruled by Saturn. It can also lead to a build up of emotions. Aquarius moon : Ruled by Uranus and co-ruled by Saturn. Their feelings can come and go very sporadically. Being an air moon, they can also prefer to think about their emotions rather than feeling. This can lead to them having an overwhelm of emotions later on. Moon in the water houses 4th, 8th, 12th , emotions can be kept more private regardless of the sign.

Moon in Scorpio in Astrology (All about Scorpio Moon zodiac sign)

Emotions are a source of energy when it hits the Scorpio frequency. Wherever emotion goes, it makes passion, desire, love, and collision flow. Whatever they become emotional about can seem like a matter of life and death. Scorpios are naturally impassioned, and when their hearts have locked forces their resolve is inspiringly remarkable. This is why Scorpios can become explosive, commanding, and ferocious in debate and ensuring the message is heard.

They can become intensely frustrated and agitated toward people who disrespect their craft, conviction, or calling. They put their heart and soul into these pursuits, they represent a part of themselves released from the shackles and exposed vulnerably to the world.

scorpio rising scorpio moon compatibility Scorpio rising scorpio moon compatibility
scorpio rising scorpio moon compatibility Scorpio rising scorpio moon compatibility
scorpio rising scorpio moon compatibility Scorpio rising scorpio moon compatibility
scorpio rising scorpio moon compatibility Scorpio rising scorpio moon compatibility
scorpio rising scorpio moon compatibility Scorpio rising scorpio moon compatibility
scorpio rising scorpio moon compatibility Scorpio rising scorpio moon compatibility
scorpio rising scorpio moon compatibility Scorpio rising scorpio moon compatibility
scorpio rising scorpio moon compatibility Scorpio rising scorpio moon compatibility

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